A Peek on The New DayZ Guns

A Peek on The New DayZ Guns

Among the new features of the DayZ standalone is the complete overhaul of the guns.

This includes added gun types, new item models, new textures, new renders, added functions, item attachment feature, modified textures and many more. Only a handful of information is released to the public about the current state of the development, but with the latest E3 standalone demo and a couple of images leaking on the internet, we will have a peek on the current status of the DayZ guns.

New DayZ Guns

More Detailed Texture

As seen on this page, we will notice that the new DayZ guns now have a more detailed texture. Furthermore, On the AK-74 image we will see the new weapon attachment feature that will be available on almost all guns on the standalone version.

New DayZ Guns Customized AK-74

 On the picture, the customized AK-74 has a grenade launcher and a silencer/suppressor attachment which are fully-functional.

New DayZ Guns Tier

On the new guns thread found in opendayz, we will see a couple of weapons that will be on the top weapon tier of the game. These weapons will be very rare as compared to their lower tier counterparts. Overall, the guns in the new standalone version will be a lot harder to find than the ones in the DayZ mod, this is because of the planned introduction of the new melee weapons which will help the players repel the zombies.

New DayZ Guns with attachment

The picture above features an M4 Carbine with a flashlight and two magazines fastened together by an adhesive tape of some sort. This customized M4 Carbine will be included in one of the two top tier weapons. The flashlight tied in the barrel shows us all the possibilities of weapon customization that will be available in the DayZ standalone.

new dayz guns

Weapons also show their attachments clearly even while on the ground. Spawned guns will also have a limited number of bullets making them both rare and precious.

With a glimpse of the new DayZ standalone guns, I can’t help but get excited on the possibilities of the new weapon customization feature. We might even see an M16 with a chainsaw in the future; well I’m personally crossing my fingers for that.

"Pew! Pew! Pew!" -Laser Gun

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