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A New Land to Survive – DayZ Caribou

A New Land to Survive – DayZ Caribou

Grafzahl from Dayzforum.net has introduced a new zombie apocalypse map: Caribou.

DayZ Carbiou or CaribouZ is based on an ARMA2 terrain called “Caribou Frontier” – an abandoned island between Russia & America. Currently, the server owner(s) are not planning to release the Server files (at least not yet), for they are worried that players will just ruin the whole idea of the mod which is truly understandable. The mod features a lot of new things and is based on DayZ 1.8, an overall great way of starting a new DayZ life, with a twist of conflicting factions.

DayZ CaribouZ

Story Line:

Caribou is an old abandoned Island between Russia & America, years ago, Civilians populated this small Island… but when the Oil-Industry discovered huge Oil-Reserves, the Civilians where resettled and after some time of Oil production a War between the two Superpowers began… but at the end, the Virus, the new Superpower, has won the war.

You are a Survivor who worked here years ago, before the virus, before the war, before you lost your family! Now that you finally made it, you see that you are not alone… but is the virus your only enemy?


  • -Based on DayZ 1.8
  • -Map: Custom-Version of Caribou Frontier (called CaribouZ) / Thanks to Raunhofer!
  • -Over 20 New Custom skins (BlackOps, Mercenary, Diver, Pilot-Suits)
  • -Over 30 New Weapons (right now only re-worked & unbanned)
  • -MK17, MK16, M8, Saiga, Vintorez, KSVK, Lapua Magnum, PDW SD, …
  • -Unbanned, Re-skinned or Re-Configured over 10 new Vehicles
  • -Woodland SUV, Osprey, UH60, M240 HMMV…
  • -Added 300 Custom-Buildings to the Map
  • -Added all opened DayZero Buildings (Thanks to Tansien/DayZero for Permission!)
  • -Added Kill houses (Thanks to Mondkalb)
  • -Loot positions inside Buildings are completely re-worked, spawning under Beds, Tables, Cabinets and so on…
  • -New Backpack: RUST Pack with 14 Slots
  • -Backpacks all have different Storage-Spaces & can max. carry one weapon
  • -Color-Correction for more atmosphere
  • -GREAT Client-Performance!
  • -Time-Freeze.. Time is fixed to 19:00 server side…
  • -Position-Reset for Vehicles and Players when logging out on of the Debug-Islands.
  • -2km View distance
  • -First-Person Only (Third Person Only in vehicles)

Road Map:

Because this is my first Map-Port, and i wanted to get some feedback about the map from the community, this is a VERY early release, there are a lot of known bugs that have to be solved, and there are a lot of features, weapons, skins, mechanics… that we want to add. Here is a short list of what comes next:

  • -Craftable Car bombs (Next who gets on Driver-Seat: BOOOOM!)
  • -Robert Hammers Weapon pack (Rebalanced)
  • -Animated Heli-crashes
  • -Logout bots
  • -Geocaches as Storage
  • -Side missions
  • -Dayz Base
  • -More Servers 😉


  1. Find your Arma2 Operation Arrowhead-Folder
    1. Normally the Folder where all your @DayZ-Folders are saved in, Steam-Directory or something like that)
    2. If there is an ArmA2OA.exe inside the Folder, you are totally right 😉
    3. Copy ALL of the Files inside this Package into this Folder
    4. Double-Click the “START DAYZ CARIBOU.bat”-File
    5. If it’s working, you are done :)
    6. If you are getting errors or its not working, Start the “ArmA II Launcher.exe” (Better Tool then DayZ Commander BTW)
    7. In the “Mods-List”, you have to enable “@DayZ_Caribou” AND “Expansion\Beta” (It’s at the end of the list)
    8. Under “Join game” you can set the IP to “” and the Port to “3202”
    9. Press “Start Arma2 II OA” and enjoy!

Original Source: DayZForum.net

DOWNLOAD DayZ Caribou 0.1 FULL (575MB) 

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