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DayZ Standalone VS DayZ Mod – A List of Changes

DayZ Standalone VS DayZ Mod – A List of Changes

If you are an Arma 2 DayZ Mod player then, like us, you might be wondering on the changes that separate the Standalone to the mod.

So here we listed the confirmed changes that you can expect on the Standalone and divided them on three categories. These changes are to be expected upon the release of Alpha and are not the core features of the game itself, just the difference from the mod.

New Features

-Kidnap and restraining system

DayZ Devblog

Back in August Dean Hall gave us a preview of kidnapping in a devblog update. Along with this are the additions of restraining items and gestures

-Destructible environment

Early on in standalone development it was revealed that parts of the environment and structures will be destructible. Not much has been heard on the subject since but Arma 3 has revealed they will have a destructible environment.

-New Crafting System

Promised early on the standalone development, the standalone crafting system will have roots similar to the DayZ mod 1.8

-More accessible buildings

It is said that 90-95% of the building and structures will be accessible in the standalone, while the remaining 5-10% will remain as is with no plans of being changed.

-New disease system

Detailed infectious diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid Fever will be added in the standalone. These diseases will require different type of treatments.  


As stated in the early days of development. The radio system was also discussed in the video at Rezzed

-New Structures and Ruins

A series of ruined land marks such as a dam structure, an abandoned oil tanker, and a lot more things was added in Chernarus. This was shown by Rocket himself in one of his interviews at Gamescom. More details here.

-Text based Status

Text-based status saying: “you are hungry”, “you are injured in…” and much more. Plans of changing it to icon-based are discussed

-Hotkeys (slotted weapons and items)

Weapons can now be placed in a hot bar similar to Minecraft, with hotkeys 1-9. This is useful when switching from a melee weapon to a range weapon while running.

-Drag and drop item swapping

Drag and drop item swapping and crafting as shown in the Rezzed interview.

-Weapon Attachment Feature

The ability to customize your weapon by attaching other things on it. Such feature includes dual mag, fixed bayonets, taped flashlights, and much more.

-Melee System

As discussed a couple of times with recent testing tweeted on DayZ Daily


-Item Degradation System

discussed a couple of times on different interviews. As Dean Hall said, this might help balance the game and avoid the Kill on Sight (KOS) issue that the currend DayZ mod suffers. More on this can be found in an article here.

Also explained in a very wacky way in this video.

-Enhanced Inventory system

DayZ Standalone HUD UI

Less intrusive but more interactive with container to container item swapping and much more.

New Items

Included are new clothes, new skins, new role playing items, and much much more.


-Updated and Larger map of Chernarus


The map is extended 20% to the North and to the West in addition to the newly built environment.

-Improved Animation

As shown on almost video. New animations and transitions from falling down, sprint jumping, aiming and much more. This was made from scratch as with the new skeleton models.

-In depth inventory and world interaction

World and inventory interaction, as well as container to container item transferring has been shown by Dean Hall himself. More information can be seen in this article.

-Weather Improvement

Weather cycle is improved although not shown on any video. Although there will be slowly moving volumetric clouds that Dean Hall said “looks awesome”

-Divided Map Pieces

The map is no longer a single item but is divided into several pieces. To obtain the full map you have to collect all the pieces together and craft it as one.

-More aggressive Zombie

Zombies can now outrun players, have a new jumping attack, can knock players down, and does not easily give up in the chase.

-Optimized Multiplayer with Network Bubble

The biggest barrier before the release is the optimization of the system called network bubble. This system will make the client download only the changes that are happening in the immediate area and not the changes that are happening globally. This will improve the overall performance of multiplayer games while keeping the entire server safe from client-based modifications.

-Optimized Engine that is friendly for low-end computers

As Dean Hall stated in Rezzed interview, the standalone will be focused on performance. Rocket is determined to make the game run on low-end computers and have around 60 FPS on higher end machines.

-Center controlled loot spawn

Loot spawning will be controlled by a central server and will be the same across servers. The actual conversation over reddit can be seen by following this link.

-Stealth and scavenging focused gameplay

Dean Hall emphasizes the rarity of all items and how fragile they are when exposed to gun shots (item degradation). Hopefully this, along with more dangerous zombies, will promote cooperation and scavenging focused gameplay.

-Improved Client-Server Architecture for anti-hacking

Said by Dean Hall on the early progress of the standalone. No data about it is released for security reasons – obviously


-No vehicles yet

No vehicles on the alpha, of course the standalone will have it… just not on the alpha release. This is because the vehicles are made from the ground up with tons of new features, and Dean Hall won’t allow its progress to hinder the public release even more.

-Zombie AI still pending improvement

As Dean Hall said, the current Zombie AI still sucks. Hopefully the AI overhaul will be completed upon the public release. More information about it can be read here.

-Manual Ammo Reloading

A lot of players complaining about the over-realistic loading of the magazines and ammo that was shown on August Devblog. More information can be read in this article.

-Humanity system paused

Because the game is being built from the ground up, this system was temporarily paused in alpha. As said, they wanted to see how the players play the game before they start fooling around with it. This was stated in one Kotaku Interview

-Modding will not be supported upon release

Said by the man himself. LINK

Let’s not expect the alpha to be perfect, everything will be polished in due time. Let’s just hope that it will be stable and give the makers our full support in giving us one of the most wonderful games of this decade.

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