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DayZ Stories – Betrayal and Danger

DayZ Stories – Betrayal and Danger

DayZ has become more than just a game for some, and all players have different DayZ stories to tell.

We are going to share some of the most notable/ eye-tearing/ funniest/ horrifying stories we can find for you guys to read and relate.

Dayz stories

DayZ Story of the Week

Our first ever story of the week comes from this sad fella! Posted by Daaaaannn in Reddit as a reply to another sad post, this might be one of the saddest DayZ stories of betrayal I have ever read. See you if you can relate to this guy.

I remember the greatest feeling of betrayal in DayZ coming from a new spawn as I made a particularly risky trip into Elektro to find some antibiotics for a friend. This was back in the early, early stages of the sickness mechanic, back when it was virtually impossible to be infected by anything aside from being outside in the rain at night and antibiotics were super rare.

It was one of the first characters I had ever felt particularly nervous about losing, geared up with an M4A3, all the basic tools, a DMR and what I considered the mother load at the time – rangefinders. I’d survived some ridiculous amount of time with my small group of 3, so my zed kills were in the thousands (a factor that I did and still do consider more of an achievement than player kills), and I was just overall pretty damned proud of that character. I suppose as they say; the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I come across the first sign sign of trouble when I stumble across an unconscious new spawn being absolutely ravaged by 6-7 zeds, obviously in need of assistance. I quickly dispatch those and the few that were alerted at the sound of my gun, and by the time I bandage him and am about to slip away when he regains consciousness. He seems like a nice guy and sounds to be extremely appreciative, asking only one final request of me that I give him a bloodbag to get him off of Death’s door.

“Fuck it,” I think. “He’s unarmed, he can keep an eye out for me at the hospital while I check for meds.”

Bad call. We get to the hospital and I’m disappointed to find no antibiotics, but true to my word I give the poor soul a blood transfusion as I prepare to head on my way. Yet unbeknownst to me, while I’m performing the animation the little bastard has accessed my backpack, waits for the blood to transfer and proceeds to SHOOT ME IN THE CHEST WITH MY OWN DMR.

I’m knocked out instantly, and as I curse and furiously bash my keyboard he walks over, looks down at me coldly and says, and I quote:

“Cool gun.”

He shoots me point blank in the head with my gun. I rage quit and uninstalled the game for a week, that was just too much for my poor care-bear heart to take.

If you’re out there reading this, fuck you Simon. Fuck you man.

If you can relate to that and want to read some more, more DayZ campfire stories can be read here.

Or you may go directly to the campfire thread in reddit.

Random DayZ News

Recently, Another DayZ Standalone feature was brought on our list. And this time, it’s kinda gross. Vomiting! This “event” happens if your character is filled with water (perhaps drank too much liquid) and started to perform demanding tasks such as sprinting. This was leaked when Rocket tweeted:

dayz vomit

It may not be yet confirmed, but at least this give players the idea of the new health/illness system of the standalone game.

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