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Minecraft Dayz Map of Chernarus is Awesome

Minecraft Dayz Map of Chernarus is Awesome

HunteR26RuS from Dayzmod.com made a 1:1 scale map of Chernarus  in Minecraft complete with buildings, landscape and more.

Server coming soon

The mod Author Hunter plans to building a fully working Dayz Minecraft server once he finished development of the map. He has already completed the landscape and is %20 of the way through buildings, towns and villages. He also plans to implement guns, weapons, medications and other server side mods to get a fully fledged Dayz Minecraft server working.

minecraft dayz map

Information about my Project: Hello, dear users of the site Dayzmod.com. Today I would like to tell you about the project, which is dedicated to the game DayZ, because I’m a huge fan of DayZ and creativity Rocket – I decided to move the whole atmosphere and map DayZ Chernorus in Minecraft. Please vote, my creation is not yet finished:). Also the map will be 4-7 servers with 100 slots with their own weapons and equipment from DayZ! Map Size: – 9000×9000 blocks -Weight Map ~4 gigabyte -Already done: -Full ready Landscape -Towns and Villages ready by 20% -Release date-server: Winter 2013 (Map already doing 4 months) -Genuine Vehicles from DayZ -Guns from DayZ -Medication -Self language -Self textures ( 64×64 ) -Absolutely replica of the landscape -This server has no one in the WORLD! -Write in comments your impressions


factory 2
minecraft dayz map

See the original thread here. Great work Hunter.


The Hoff

The Hoff

Was shootin up zombies while you were in pre school. Played more Cs 1.6, Source and Bf2 than you can poke a stick at. Happily writing about Dayz until standalone comes, then its on.

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