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Rocket’s Word on DayZ Standalone Release Date

Rocket’s Word on DayZ Standalone Release Date

We all know the hype that’s been building around the DayZ Standalone Release, but when will it be available exactly?

DayZ Standalone Release Stability test

DayZ Standalone Stability Test

While Rocket and Bohemia Interactive still decline to give an official release date, Rocket did made a statement in Reddit, saying:

DayZ will release once it provides the level of multiplayer performance and stability needed for us to have meaningful feedback from the experience. That isn’t something that we just say is achieved, it actually has to be verified so that when we say it to you (by releasing) we have made, at the very least, a good faith assessment to confirm this.

The release date isn’t a matter of deciding what day – its a matter of achieving an objective. The major obstacle in the way of that has been the network bubble.

I want to simultaneously derail the hype train and then recover it, in saying that we have finished making the network bubble. In fact, we have finished all major components required for an alpha release. However, we need to make sure they have integrated okay, and perform basic testing (a kind of acceptance testing) to ensure that we have actually achieved what we thought.

So please, please please – don’t be hyped about a particular date, be hyped about our progress. Nobody knows the exact release date because there is not one. Once we have verified that we have achieved what we believe we have, and tidied up any integration issues, it will release.

At least now we know that everything are set and finished and just need the final touches and fixes to the issues found on the MP stability tests. Hopefully they will realize that we aren’t expecting DayZ Standalone alpha to be perfect in the first place… so hopefully they will finally release it on public, or AT LEAST give the official minimum and recommended PC requirements. But one thing is for sure, the DayZ Standalone Release is just around the corner.

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