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Zombie Overhaul for DayZ Standalone

Zombie Overhaul for DayZ Standalone

Zombies have been quite buggy on all the previously shown video of the standalone. With the fans outcry, Dean Hall and his team decided to complete re-do the zombies.

On the video by tvpowerplay, Dean Hall finally announced in public that they will overhaul the zombies for they are becoming problematic. This new gamescom video also shows a brief overview of the latest changes since the E3.

dean hall at gamescome dayz


On the video, Rocket toured us on the new redeveloped and redesigned map which is a result of the work and effort of 2 people. The map is designed to show more ruins and the ambiance of a zombie-invaded location. On the tour, Rocket showed the dynamic spawning of items (with an item-floating bug) that emphasizes scavenging, as well as the item condition.


The video also shows the following:

>  More world and item interaction

>  Redesigned inventory

>  Ability to customize and develop your weapon

>  Open and trade items from one container to another

Can We Expect the Standalone Soon?

Yes and no. DayZ Standalone is currently in pre-alpha with only the bubble system, multiplayer optimization, and item syncing/ placing left to work on before they can make it public. As Dean Hall said, those things require specializations and therefore cannot be rushed. And to quote what he said on the last interview:

“It’s like, you can’t throw more pilots at a plane.   You put a thousand pilots in a plane it’s not going to fly any faster.” 

So for the record, it really depends on how soon you define “soon” is. Just remember that ALPHA-state games are meant to be ugly and buggy, that is why most games get released to public on their BETA state. Based on how I see it, DayZ Standalone Pre-alpha is doing pretty well for a “PRE-alpha” and they are pretty open to it too. If there will ever be an open alpha, I hope to be one to try it.

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